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Merchant Cash Advance as a Small Business Loan

Whether you are a start-up businessman or an established time business proprietor, arranging the capital for your business punctually is a challenge. It is certainly not the wisest of the ideas to dig in from your pocket for financing the business all the times because that causes more harm than good.

The need for working capital for small or mid-sized business owners becomes all the more crucial when it has to augment its accounts receivable and inventory to grow the customer base, revenues or expand the business in general.

An easy equation can give you the basic idea of the funds:

Assets – liabilities = working capital

There are different ways of debt financing available which works as small business financing. Depending on the business’ type, needs, and growth stage, one can apply for:

  • Merchant cash advance (MCA)
  • Small business credit cards
  • Invoice financing
  • Lines of credit
  • Term loans

Logistically, getting funds from family or friends is straightforward. Merchant cash advance financing is also a type of borrowing method where you get a lump sum amount in regards for some of the future credit card sales.
With the deal you exchange as a source of financing, here is a list of its advantages linked with MCA:

  • Fast payments: normally, business owners can get the money as quickly as within 48 hours. This is the moot reason why many people when in a financial jam look for cash advance as a feasible option to help them fight out the situation.
  • Easy to qualify: for small businesses, it is easy to opt for MCA as it does not ask for any records of the credit sales. All they need to know is the business which will make enough to pay off the loan. Sometimes, the lenders may need to review the credit history and query about the plan about the repayment. Still, it is an easier process than the traditional bank loans.

With the mission to provide all businesses with the capital they need to grow, Merchant cash advance specialize in asset-based funding and factoring. They have years of experience, firm financial backing from partners and a vast affiliate network which made them a preferred funding source for business merchant cash advance. Visit or dial (855) 227-6168 to know more.