Receive Additional Funding Quickly with Merchant Cash Advances

Receiving additional funding for your small business is no longer complicated. Merchant cash advances are a good alternative as they provide needed capital that may not be available through traditional options such as banks etc. Merchant Cash Advances are not subject to lending regulations because they are categorized as “factoring ...
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Merchant Cash Advance: The Right Choice for Businesses with Bad Credit

A vast majority of businesses do not have access to enough capital to cater to all of their company’s needs. Owners have a choice to either risk their own personal savings to help grow their business or seek outside sources to get the capital they need. Businesses these days have ...
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7 Reasons Why a Merchant Cash Advance is the Right Choice for your Small Business

Merchant Cash Advance is technically not a loan. They are considered cash payments in exchange of future receivables. A merchant's deposits are drawn on a daily basis until the obligation has been met. For example, a business sells $20,000 of a portion of its future sales for an immediate advance ...
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